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Streamlabs follower goal not updating

The previous editor for alerts is still there so if the basic options are enough for your stream, you can still simply upload images, choose a basic animation, and choose from basic text options. This update makes a lot of sense with the Streamlabs lineup. The on-screen chat and event list widgets both have CSS support already so adding more options to the alert box makes sense.

Another quick thing Streamlabs released recently is the Follower Goal widget. The Follower Goal widget does the job currently but it could stand to have more options.

You currently have to manually set the goal and starting amount. This is for people that stream to multiple sites and want to have their assets shared across services. So, since Streamlabs supports Twitch, Mixer, YouTube, and Facebook, if you stream to all these sites, you can have one Alert Box widget link, for instance, to make your life easier.

There are more details on the Streamlabs update but the Stream Labels app and the Recent Events on the Streamlabs dashboard will pull data from all services simultaneously. Log in to leave a comment. Contact Us. Share on Facebook. Making them work for you. Part 1: Choosing a Bot and Basic Commands. Common Bot Commands for Streamers. BraneBot Shuts Down.

streamlabs follower goal not updating

Latest news. Lightstream Studio Basics May 26, Contact Us Login. All Rights Reserved. Muffin group.Streamlabs is automating the way you start a broadcast. One of these features is the ability to automatically send a tweet to your followers when you go live. Posting on social media every time you want to live stream can be a cumbersome and time-consuming process. Our goal with this feature is to make your life a little easier and automate the process so you can focus on streaming.

streamlabs follower goal not updating

If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. You can download Streamlabs OBS here. Read more from Streamlabs. Streamlabs Blog. Sign in. Ethan May Follow. Streamlabs Blog Official Streamlabs Blog. Public Relations Manager — Streamlabs. Streamlabs Blog Follow.

streamlabs follower goal not updating

Official Streamlabs Blog. All of the shenanigans going on in the world of Streamlabs. Written by Ethan May Follow. See responses 1. More From Medium. The Next Evolution in Viewer Interaction. Eric F. How to Create a Website for Live Streamers. Ethan May in Streamlabs Blog.

New Agent Stream Overlay Package. Best Microphones for Twitch Streaming in Blue Microphones in Streamlabs Blog.

streamlabs follower goal not updating

Discover Medium. Make Medium yours. Become a member. About Help Legal.We create free and premium engaging widgets and plugins for OBS and Streamlabs. Channel data counters, text animations, stream bosses, stream chests and many more.

Fullscreen With icons Simple static text. Panels is a free counstructor for webcam frames, Twitch buttons, top donator panels and more Webcam frames Wide panels Icons and buttons Top donate panels.

Youtube counter - likes Youtube counter - subs Youtube counter - viewers Youtube counters - 3 in1 Youtube counters - likes and viewers. Chaturbate tip alerts Chaturbate followers Chaturbate tokens Chaturbate viewers. Top donations - shows 3 last Streamlabs donators, random viewers from chat or just text.

Stream widgets, creative overlays for OBS and Streamlabs. Stream DPS. Top donations and text animations:. Panels and frames generator. Sapfir panel. Top donate panel bold. Animated round frame. Animated frame.

Wooden frame. Icon button. Chain frame. Glitch 3 Titles width. Stream tools:. Text strokes slider. Prize wheel. Youtube widgets:. Youtube likes counter. Youtube viewers counter. Twitch stream widgets:. Twitch followers counter.Today we are kicking it off with a tutorial for Commands and Variables. Custom commands help you provide useful information to your community without having to constantly repeat yourself, so you can focus on engaging with your audience.

Do this by clicking the Add Command button. This will open up the following modal. To get started, check out the Template dropdown.

It comes with a bunch of commonly used commands such as! These strange entities are variables. In the above example you can see we used! If you want to learn more about what variables are available then feel free to go through our variables list HERE.

The Reply In setting allows you to change the way the bot responds. The two options are Chat or Whisper. If a command is set to Chat the bot will simply reply directly in chat where everyone can see the response.

If it is set to Whisper the bot will instead DM the user the response. This is useful for when you want to keep chat a bit cleaner and not have it filled with bot responses. Permissions are a way for you to control who can use the command. If all of these are checked then anyone can use the command. If you want to create a command that can only be used by Subscribers then you are able to do so as well.

Want to learn more about Cloudbot Commands? Check out part two about Custom Command Advanced Settings here. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know. Download Streamlabs OBS. Read more from Streamlabs. Streamlabs Blog. Sign in. Ethan May Follow. Streamlabs Blog Official Streamlabs Blog. Public Relations Manager — Streamlabs. Streamlabs Blog Follow. Official Streamlabs Blog.Forums New posts Search forums.

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How To Setup Goals In Streamlabs OBS

Thread starter Lucas Falkingham Start date Apr 12, Lucas Falkingham New Member. Hi, i use obs daily to stream to twitch. I use twitch alerts to show my recent followers, donations etc. I have it so that these recent donations and followers come up in text on my screen, so it goes on my border. The problem i am facing is with the text files not automatically updating in OBS. For instance when somebody new follows it still stays as the guy who had followed 10 minutes ago? The text file is updating in notepad but not in obs.

The only way i can get it to update is to uncheck it and then check it again? The automatic text files used to work but in recent weeks it hasnt been letting me. I dont know whether this is a bug or not but i would like to know how i can fix it! Gave it a quick spin and it seems to work fine in my test. I did not use twitch alerts to create the txt file though.

Maybe a log can tell us if something went wrong: Problem?If you would like to see how to do that, will you please watch and enjoy this because this might help you get a higher quality stream and this might save you some time setting this up yourself? You can get it on Windows, Mac or Linux. There are tons of updates all the time. There are tons of plugins. There are tons of tutorials and guides, and I will give you everything that I think is critical to get started with on here.

It works really well for multiple streaming destinations and I am just loving using OBS here. I can just move my face over at the top right or left, in the middle, and change it back very quickly just by hitting buttons on OBS. I can move my face all around on the stream really quick. Your scenes are your arrangement of sources. This helps people to know what they need to do in order to make sure to see all your streams and this is a nice way to ask for follows.

This is one scene, then all the rest of my scenes are basically just different moves with me around the screen. I recommend having your face in the upper right. It seems to be an ideal spot for most games. If you go over the upper left side, then you have also got the Facebook live.

Streamlabs Adds Full HTML/CSS Support, Follower Goal Widget, and Account Merging

This is the most critical thing to set up if you want your streams to have a good shot at going viral, you really need this Facebook Alerts set up and here is how you do it. Then, what you need to do in here is put the URL in that you get from Facebookand size it the way you want it. So, if you go over to your alerts tab on Facebook and you click on the gear it will give you the alert pop-up URL. Go over to your gaming, it is at Facebook.

This is absolutely critical if you want to get your streams to go viral because what happens, one person will share it, then the alert will pop up on the screen, and then someone else will see that alert and share it just because they want that alert to pop up.

Then the third share happens because of the first two, then the fourth.To improve the chances of success at a task, we must first understand the reason why we are doing it.

Stream Setup: Ticker

Establishing this purpose is important for several reasons. Hopefully, we are starting to establish why you are passionate about live streaming. This process may take time, and that is okay. What would success look like 30 days from now? What about 90 days? What about a year from now? Why is this important? The idea of becoming a partnered streamer seems enormous as an affiliate. The idea of streaming at all is equally as intimidating if you are starting from scratch.

That is because both end-states are big goals that involve several complicated decisions. Breaking them down will simplify the path forward and add structure.

Second, it will enable us to celebrate some success early. Celebrating wins along the way is important for our mental health and energy levels. These can range from follower, subscriber, or donation goals.

Streamlabs University: Chapter 1

Or, if you are a new streamer, simply setting a goal to stream a certain number of hours can be equally as beneficial. If you have any questions or comments, please let us know.

Read more from Streamlabs. Streamlabs Blog. Sign in. Streamlabs University: Chapter 1. Ethan May Follow. Streamlabs Blog Official Streamlabs Blog.

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